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No New Trial For XtraJet Tapers

A Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles has denied a new trial for Jeffrey Borer and an associate who pleaded guilty to videotaping Mark Geragos and his assistant conferring with Michael on board an XtraJet plane while he was traveling to Santa Barbara to be charged before his trial. Michael was a plaintiff in the case, but later withdrew.

The guilty men were ordered to pay over twenty million in compensatory and punitive damages. The lawyers for Borer told the judge that the damages were excessive, because there was no sound on the videotape. However, Judge Bruguera ruled that the intention of the defendants was to record the conversation and that this evidence was available at the original hearings, so her decision was that there should be no new trial.

Borer’s lawyers stated that it was unlikely that any money would be paid as XtraJet was no longer in business and was bankrupt.

The FBI are now in possession of the tape.

Source: Yahoo News & MJWN

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