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Charlie Chaplin

  • MJ Items In Julien Auction

    There are Michael Jackson items up for grabs in the latest Julien Auction in New York at the Hard Rock Café including clothes, shoes and on-stage Michael items!

  • Michael’s Tribute To Charlie Chaplin

    As the world celebrates what would have been the 125th birthday of Charlie Chaplin, we look at how his work and beliefs influenced Michael throughout his life.

  • Michael’s Artistic Talent

    Art.com has featured two pages of Michael’s drawings, which reveal his artistic talents, including one of his hero Charlie Chaplin, numbering 37 images in all!!

  • Michael Befriended ‘Memory Man’

    Tony Buzan recalls his friendship with MJ “I spent 10 days with him. His main passion was not fame or money it was learning & developing intelligence & genius.”

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