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Brad Sundberg

  • In The Studio With MJ – Europe Dates

    Brad Sundberg’s popular seminars ‘In The Studio With MJ’ are coming to Europe next month, where you’ll get the chance to learn how Michael recorded his albums.

  • Brad Sundberg Reflects On Neverland

    After the announcement that Neverland is going to be sold, Michael’s former engineer Brad Sundberg, has reflected on the many occasions he visited Neverland.

  • Darren Hayes & Brad Sundberg Discuss MJ

    Recording artist & life-long MJ fan Darren Hayes was joined by Michael’s former studio technical director Brad Sundberg, for a riveting chat on Blog Talk Radio!

  • Brad Sundbergh Humanises Michael

    Orlandoweekly.com has this article about Brad Sundbergh’s working relationship with Michael, beginning with his work on the ‘BAD’ album at the Westlake Studios.

  • In The Studio With Michael

    Here is a report of a recorded interview with Brad Sundberg, who worked with Michael continually from Captain EO onwards, and became one of his major engineers.

  • Making Music With Michael Jackson

    Iaisha, founder of ‘Legacy Of Love’ MJ Fan club in New York City, has told us of a unique opportunity for Michael’s fans happening this summer in New York City.

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