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‘Thriller’ Actress Ola Ray Releases Book

At the age of 61, and 39 years since the iconic video was released, Ola Ray who starred opposite Michael in the ‘Thriller’ short film, has released her first autobiography called ‘The Thrill of it All.’

Ray started out as a model, and became a Playboy centerfold in 1980. Three years later she got the role on ‘Thriller,’ which changed her life. In the years following the actress complained over issues collecting her royalties for the short film. She blamed Michael and just a month before he died in 2009, she sued him. In 2012 the Michael Jackson Family Trust settled the lawsuit.

On her new book, Ola Ray says that she reached international fame as the co-star in ‘Thriller.’ She says:

“Whenever I am in a public, people seem to find a way to approach me, wanting to know what it was like to be in a music video with the King of Pop. I have remained in the shadows for decades, avoiding television and radio interviews from inquisitive reporters to protect the stroke of destiny that changed my life forever”.

You can buy ‘The Thrill of it All’ here.

Source: MJWN

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