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Kelsey Grammer Shares Michael Memory

Frasier star Kelsey Grammer appears in a new film called ‘The Space Between’ with Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson. During the press tour for the movie he shared a story of when he once met her father, the King of Pop, and while he told it, it brought him to tears.

“I was checking into the Waldorf [Hotel] and there was Michael. He was recording something. It was just the sweetest moment…cos, you know…boy they went after him, took shots at him all the time. And I just thought how the hell do you handle that?”

The actor went on to say how during that encounter he met Paris for the first time;

“He stopped to say hello. We sort of shook hands and he had his little mask on, but then she said, ‘Daddy’…”

At this point Grammer, gets emotional and struggles to continue’

“And he uh….he just took her in his arms, and I said ‘oh hello little one’ and she was so lovely, it was so beautiful.”

Watch the video here of him recounting the story here:

Source: Extra TV & MJWN

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