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Michael’s Estate & Disney Reach Settlement

According to a report on the Variety.com web site, the Michael Jackson Estate has reached a confidential settlement with Disney over usage of Michael’s songs and videos.

In May 2018, Michael’s Estate sued Disney alleging that there was an “astounding” copyright infringement of the footage used in ‘The Last Days Of Michael Jackson’. The ABC special included samples from more than thirty songs and videos which included; ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat It’. Disney responded to this by saying they were entitled to use the clips under the “fair use” doctrine.

During proceedings, Michael’s Estate claimed that Disney has also been extremely zealous in protecting its own copyrights. “Disney has threatened to sue independent childcare centers for having pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on their walls, forcing them to remove all pictures of Mickey or Donald and other anthropomorphized mice or ducks rather than face ruinous litigation from one of the world’s largest corporations,” they said adding; “Disney once sued a couple on public assistance for $1 million when they appeared at children’s parties dressed as an orange tiger and a blue donkey.”

The Estate’s attorney, Howard Weitzman has now said in a statement; “The dispute with Disney has been amicably resolved.”

Source: Variety.com & MJWN

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