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Thomas Mesereau On Documentary

Michael’s 2004 lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, was recently interviewed by toofab regarding the controversial documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’. During the interview he said;

“I think his (Michael’s) outstanding qualities will win out. He was a great artist, a great person, honest, decent… I think in the end all the good qualities of Michael Jackson will prevail. This is just a temporary blip; it will go up, and then go down, and then you’ll forget about it. People should just focus on his great qualities, his charitable endeavours, his humanitarianism, his great artistry, he was an exceptional human being and a very good human being and all his good qualities are going to prevail.”

Mesereau was also asked for his thoughts on that some people are demanding proof of Michael’s innocent before listening to his music again. In answer to this question Mesereau replied; “Look at the jury verdict…”

Watch the interview here.

Source: toofab & MJWN

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