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Visit To Debbie Rowe’s Ranch

Betty is a fantastic fan who works so hard to preserve Michael’s legacy; for example she helps to organize the ‘One Rose For Michael’ campaign amongst other events.

Recently she was lucky enough to be invited to visit Debbie Rowe at her ranch and tells the story of her visit for us all to enjoy. Here is an extract to wet your appetite,

“Debbie is the spirit and soul of the Painted Desert Ranch and without a doubt one consistent about Debbie Rowe is you never have to question where you stand with her. She grabs life and lives it with gusto, unconventional, putting on no airs. The media presentation and some of the fan perceptions of her bluntly stated… are bull. She is a contradiction; a lovable, big, sweetheart with manicured nails; yet a brash, kick ass, straightforward, ‘tell it like it is’ cowgirl. A boundless bundle of energy and joy, she swears and cusses like a sailor as she describes the antics of the animals and happenings around the busy ranch. Then in the same breath fondly caresses a bird, dog or horse. Debbie laughs with her whole body a deep belly laugh which starts with a twinkle in her eye. There is no holding back with Debbie and I love that about her. I find it hilarious and refreshing as do the two other friendly visitors who are also in town for the Grammy show. The three of us immediately fall under the spell of The Painted Desert Ranch.”

You can read her blog report and view her intriguing photos here.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. There is also a chance to win Satin Kisses, a beautiful filly raised by Debbie, and which she has so generously donated. She will be halter trained for the winner. Read Betty’s blog fully to find out how to enter the competition, details of which are at the conclusion of Betty’s blog.

Good luck to everyone!

Debbie is obviously contributing to ‘Making that change for children’ ….. as Michael said,

“I never have felt that people should feel that they are better than  others, simply because they just happen to possess a larger share of  material items and monetary wealth than others less fortunate. I believe in sharing, assisting, and just lending a helping hand to people.” ~  Michael Jackson.

Source: mjbliss BlogSpot & MJWN, with sincere thanks to Betty

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