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Michael Could Have Earned $1Billion

In court today in Katherine Jackson’s case against AEG Live, Arthur Erk, an accounting expert testified that Michael could have earned more than $1 billion if he had performed a worldwide concert tour and created a Las Vegas show before his death.

Arthur Erk, a certified public accountant who conducts royalty audits for musicians, told jurors that Michael may have earned $1.5 billion for the shows if he had charged higher ticket prices during later shows on the ‘This Is It’ tour.

Erk said he was using conservative estimates to figure Michael’s earning potential if he had lived for several more years, completed a worldwide tour and created a Las Vegas show based on his music. The estimates took into account endorsements and royalties that Michael could have earned and are heavily dependent on the idea that Michael would have performed a thirty-seven month world tour.

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson fought for days to get notes written between Michael and his children admitted saying, they show the immense love Michael had for his kids and the depths of the family’s loss with his untimely death on June 25, 2009.

Source: New York Daily News & MJWN

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