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World’s Top 5 Albums

Landmarkreport.com has written an article on the world’s five best selling albums of all time, including Michael’s ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad.’. ‘Thriller,’ which is, of course, number one, was released in 1982 and has reputedly sold 110million albums.

Second place was given to ‘Back In Black’ by AC/DC, selling 50million copies.

Number 3 was ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ by Pink Floyd, also selling 50 Million copies.

Number 4 was ‘The Bodyguard Soundtrack,’ from the film of the same name, selling 45 million albums.

Number 5 was ‘Bad,’ Michael’s second biggest selling album; selling well in excess of the stated between 35 to 40 million copies.

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Source: landmarkreport.com & MJWN

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