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One Last Goodbye

Michael Bearden, Michael’s music director, is asking the fans to call their local radio stations to request his tribute song for Michael ‘One Last Goodbye,’ sung by Ayanna Irish, be played as a tribute to Michael on June 25th, the third anniversary of his passing.

The song was originally released for Michael’s birthday, August 29th 2010.

Click here for the YouTube song link.

We could make ‘One Last Goodbye’ the most requested song on June 25th, 2012.

Start calling now to request the song be played on June 25th. This way any radio stations that do not have the song already, will have time to get it and have it on hand for June 25th, when the main requests come in.

Call your local radio stations again on June 25th and request Michael Bearden’s ‘One Last Goodbye,’ with Ayanna Irish be played!

Source: MJWN

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