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Michael Jackson’s Legacy or MJL as they like to be known, are working so hard to keep Michael’s name alive. They heard his voice speaking about building a hospital for children. That was his ultimate dream!

They plan to build ‘Everland,’ a home for poor children in Liberia. Despite meeting some serious problems and broken promises, they are determined to overcome them. But they do need help!

Here is a quote from their latest newsletter:-

“Fans from 17 different countries have already raised £647 ($1049) for the land excavation and £1721 ($2668) for the digging of the trenches and the concrete foundations.

If you take a look at the costings, you will see that we are currently raising funds for Stage 3 (the brickwork).  At the time of writing this, we have raised less than £200 ($319 USD) for the brickwork, so we need much more.  We long for the day when we can finally show pictures of Everland being built. It’s going to be a long yet exciting journey ahead, and we thank everyone who has donated so far from the bottom of our hearts.”

These fans deserve assistance from the fan community.Take a look at their site, and see if there is anything, however small, that you can do to help.
Please,take a look at their website here

If you are thinking of a donation to a charity for Christmas, perhaps this could be the one. After all, it’s in Michael’s name.

Source:  MJL and MJWN

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