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Today, Ubisoft said that it would be bringing handheld versions of ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience,’ to the 3DS and Vita .The title will include fifteen songs from his prolific solo career, as well as an equal number of settings designed with inspiration from Michael’s music videos. Ubisoft gave as examples the graveyard from ‘Thriller,’ the palace from ‘Remember the Time,’ and the nightclub from ‘Smooth Criminal.’

As for gameplay, Ubisoft said that players will use each system’s tactile inputs to match choreographed elements onscreen. Bonus content, such as Michael’s signature white glove, will be unlocked as players progress. Ubisoft also said that the game will include three difficulty settings.

For an idea of what to expect, check out Ubisoft’s first trailer for the 3DS version of ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience,’ by clicking here

Source: e3.gamespot.com & MJWN

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