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Oprah Interviews The Cascio Family

The entire Cascio Family, which has been called “Michael’s secret family,” has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, to speak of their long-lasting relationship with Michael.

“Secret,” is incorrect in this context, as many thousands of Michael’s fans have known of his friendship with the Cascio’s for years; since their children were tiny. He was so close to them that he would unexpectedly turn up at their home, even in the middle of the night.

Michael met the family patriarch, Dominic Cascio, when he was working at ‘The Helmsley Hotel,’ in New York, and soon became a close friend of the entire family.

Oprah’s interview included her usual questions about Michael’s private life, to which the Cascio’s answered honestly, stressing there was no indication of any abnormal behaviour from their friend.

Michael taught Eddie Cascio to play instruments and eventually recorded three songs with him in the basement of the Cascio home. These songs feature on the posthumous album, ‘MICHAEL,’ which has received criticism from some of Michael’s family and friends. These critics have insisted that Michael was a perfectionist and would not have wanted the songs released, unless he was absolutely satisfied with

However, speaking about their relationship with him, Eddie Cascio said that Michael, “always called us the family of love, his second family.” The family insisted he would be happy for the album to be released.

They were supported by Teddy Riley, who dismissed claims that Michael did not record the tracks with Eddie. “This is Michael’s voice,” he said. “No one else could do that scream.”

The family also revealed that Michael’s last visit to their home was in January 2009 and that they spoke to him just three days before he died.

The interview can be found on YouTube.

Source: monstersandcritics.com & MJWN

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