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RedOne’s Work With Michael

RedOne, the famous Grammy-nominated music producer has spoken of the music he worked on with Michael in Las Vegas and Los Angeles before his death. Even though the work is unfinished it could be released on an album.

Moroccan born RedOne says that he would release his work with Michael subject to permission from the Jackson family and Michael’s estate and it would be for charity as he would like Michael to have been proud of it.

On recalling his collaboration with Michael he said; “The music we were doing was good, really good, very energetic, uplifting. It’s sad that we never finished the material. Michael always has been focused on having hits, not having songs, so he always records a lot of songs and takes the best of them and that’s his formula which I love. We were doing good quality music and it’s never been finished.”

Source: Yahoo & MJWN

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