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MTV have reported that some of Michael’s backing dancers for his O2 concerts have precious memories of their time spent with him on and off stage.

They wondered, for instance why he wore sparklingly white socks with his high cuffed pants, until they worked it out that he wanted fans in every corner of the arenas to be able to see his feet. The same applied with the tapes on his fingers. The eye is drawn to the white tape whenever he throws his hand into the air – the eye is automatically following the flash of white. Michael also told Michael Bearden, his music supervisor, he wore them “Because it feels good.”

Everyone also commented on how good he smelled. “He’d have these custom fragrances done for him and designers would send him fragrances and he would tend to mix them rather innocently,” choreographer Travis Payne said. “And it just always smelled great. You’d know if he was approaching, or it would linger after he was gone.”
Dancer Timor Steffens smiled fondly when remembering that lingering, slightly flowery scent. “His smell was so present, when I hugged him and let go of him and he walked away, I still had his smell on my hand,” he said. “I was smelling my hand like ‘That’s Michael! That’s Michael’.”

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Source: MTV & MJWN

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