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Publicity Begins For Auction

With the April auction of Michael’s belongings from his old home at Neverland Valley Ranch fast approaching, Julien’s Auction house has begun the major publicity campaign. A chosen selection of items from the sale will go on tour to major capitals to promote interest, including London and Dublin.

The sale will take place in April at the Beverley Hilton hotel in Beverly Hllls, so the ‘tour’ should promote interest worldwide. Bids can be made in person, on the internet, by telephone and by various other methods.

Up for auction are statues from the house and gardens, personal items of Michael’s, artworks, furniture, a suit of armour, stage costumes, fittings from the house and many, many other items of interest. The sale is expected to last for four days with items are priced sensibly.

Source: Associated Press & MJWN

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