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Who Wrote ‘You Are Not Alone’?

Michael’s number one hit ‘You Are Not Alone’ was the first single ever to debut at number one in the American Billboard charts way back in 1995. This beautiful love song, with a stunning video, was said to be written by R. Kelly, but the Van Passel twins from Belgium have waged a twelve year campaign to stake their ownership of the rights to the song they said they had written two years before 1995.

A court in Belgium has ruled that “the most important and largest part of…“ R. Kelly’s song, is identical to the Van Passel’s song, and has transferred all the authorial rights to them.

This judgement, however, is only applicable in Belgium, and it is not clear how any royalties would be paid to them.

‘You Are Not Alone’ was the second single to be released from Michael’s 1995 ‘History’ album.

Source: Yahoo! News & MJWN

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