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Official Statement From Raymone Bain

Jacksons Statement - September 2007People Magazine has followed other publications in reporting untrue and inaccurate information about Michael Jackson and the Jackson family.Of these widely reported rumours,what has become the most troubling and heinous, is that my son, and our brother, Michael Jackson, has become dependent on painkillers and alcohol.

People, and other news organisations have quoted sources indicating that our family has attempted a drug intervention and engaged in an effort to take over his business affairs because of this alleged drug and alcohol usage.

We categorically deny ever planning, participating in, or having knowledge of any kind of intervention. We strongly believe that these “sources” and others, no matter who they are, are making these defamatory, inaccurate, and untrue claims for monetary reasons.

Michael Jackson, and the Jackson family, have endured years of false accusations and misrepresentations.

It is time for these unfair and hurtful rumours, for profit, to end.

Thank you.”

Signed Toriano Adaryyl (Tito) Jackson, Marlon David Jackson, Sigmund Esco (Jackie) Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Katherine Jackson.

Source: Raymone Bain

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