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This Is David Gest

‘This Is David Gest’ is a television show which is currently airing on Sunday night on British television. During this weeks show, which is the second in the series screened by ITV, David visited Michael’s parents home, Hayvenhurst, with Michael’s brother Tito.

After Tito assisted David to climb over a wall to enter the property, as nobody was at home, they began discussing some of the antics they got up to in their younger years.
Later, when they were again outside the property, Tito’s sons arrived, shortly followed by Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, who was completely unaware there was a film
crew on her property.

Once David had explained about the programme and they had mentioned that they had last seen each other at Michael’s Madision Square Gardens show in New York, David commented; “She (Katherine) used to pull me inline too. Like when Michael and I were bad.”

“I think I needed too,” she replied.

After this section Michael’s song ‘Bad’ was played whilst they explained what was going to happen in the next segment of the programme. It was also played previously too.

During the first show in the series which also included some of Michael’s music, a poster of Michael was shown which he had signed and donated to charity.

Source: MJWN

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