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  • The Social Media Legacy Of Michael Jackson

    Almost five years after Michael’s untimely death, his music still resonates with his fans, and his legacy is reflected in the vastness of his social following!!

  • Alfonso Ribera Inpersonates Michael

    Alfonso Ribera, playing Carlton in ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,’ performed an impersonation of Michael, which has become a YouTube classic! That boy can dance!

  • An Appeal From A Fan

    An appeal from a Angela which she would like you to read, relating once again to the unfair treatment of Michael in the media.

  • ‘Why I Love Michael Jackson’

    ‘Why I Love Michael Jackson’ is a new book project for Michael’s fans to take part in. For further information please click here.

  • Star In The 3D Thriller Video

    For the 1st time ever and through the magic of technology, anyone can now star in the greatest music video of all time – Thriller

  • ‘Thriller 25′ Campaign Is Hotting Up

    Just days to go before the release of the various editions of ‘Thriller 25”, and the ad campaign is generating plenty of interest.

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