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An Appeal From A Fan

We have received an appeal from Angela, a fan based in Scotland, which she would like you to read, relating once again to the unfair treatment of Michael in the media.

This is an appeal to everyone to take a stand against lazy and poor quality journalism which we see so often these days in all areas if the media. ‘News’ stories are no longer required to be truthful or accurate, often the version of events and even direct quotes are entirely fictious. If we all take a stand together and make our voices heard we can force the media to listen. We need to make it clear that we are aware and vocal. Everytime you see a story printed about Michael Jackson which is misleading, inaccurate or entirely false complain, complain, complain! Demand an explanation and an apology.

I recently read an article about Michael’s appearance at Christian Audiegier’s birthday party which described Michael as being “pale and anxious looking”. I found this so brazen and felt compelled to write to the magazine to point out that the footage is on YouTube for anyone to view and that there version is entirely incorrect and of course, negatively slanted against Michael.

Please help me to stop the media slander against Michael. If we all take action together, they will have to listen. Thanks!

Source: Angela Haddock & MJWN

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