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  • MJ’s Songs Inspire Social Change

    Take 40 have written an article about ‘10 songs that inspired social change,’ which inspire you to be better and do better! Michael’s music appears three times.

  • 11 Outrageous Superbowl Halftime Moments

    Hollywood Reporter has listed what they think are the eleven most outrageous SuperBowl Halftime moments, and of course they could not omit Michael’s performance.

  • Opening Statements On Day One

    Katherine’s Lawsuit v AEG Live commenced today. Unfortunately, fans need to be aware that AEG Live warns of “Ugly Stuff” to be revealed during the trial sadly!

  • ‘Thriller 25′ Campaign Is Hotting Up

    Just days to go before the release of the various editions of ‘Thriller 25”, and the ad campaign is generating plenty of interest.

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