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  • ‘Do You Know Where Your Children Are?’

    There seems to be a lot of mis-information about track six of the forthcoming ‘Xscape’ album and we would like to put the story right. It’s not what you think.

  • With A Child’s Heart

    We take a look back at the innocence and joy Michael brought the world, with this fantastic compilation of footage to his beautiful song ‘With A Child’s Heart’.

  • Fall Out Boy’s Homage To Michael

    Fall Out Boy’s video for their version of ‘Beat It’ premiered on April 28th on MTV. It includes references to Michael’s genius!

  • Fall Out Boy’s Cover Of ‘Beat It’

    ‘Beat It’, covered by Fall Out Boy, has major success on radio and is in 10th place on iTunes. It will now be released as a video

  • Matt Forger On The ‘Thriller 25′

    Matt Forger, who worked on the original ‘Thriler’ 25 years ago, has been a consultant on Michael’s newest ‘Thriller 25’ project.

  • Got The Hots – Online Preview

    Sony Japan are now streaming a forty second clip of Michael’s previously unreleased song ‘Got The Hots’ from ‘Thriller 25’.

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