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Matt Forger On The ‘Thriller 25′

Matt Forger was a member of the technical team who worked alongside Michael and Quincy Jones on the 1982 ‘Thriller’ album and acted as a consultant on the new ‘Thriller 25’ package.

“I’m the person who knows where all the little elements are hidden and what the little notes in the files mean. At that time, all of it was recorded to analog tape with twenty-four tracks,” he said. “The largest of my duties was managing a system that allowed us to use as many twenty-four tapes as we could on each song, to develop the layered style of music that Quincy (Jones) and Mike (Jackson) envisioned.”

Thriller 25 has been received extremely well all over the world, reaching top five positions in many countries.

Source: syracuse.com & MJWN

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