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  • Book Review: Xscape Origins

    A look at the new book by Damien Shields, who has meticulously researched and studied the creative process for each song on ‘Xscape’ that was taken by Michael.

  • ‘Off the Wall’ At 35: Track By Track Review

    To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Michael’s ‘Off The Wall’ album, Billboard have written a short review on the album, with a track by track look at each song.

  • Michael’s Tribute To Charlie Chaplin

    As the world celebrates what would have been the 125th birthday of Charlie Chaplin, we look at how his work and beliefs influenced Michael throughout his life.

  • A Look Back At 2013

    We take a look back at 2013; from a trial, to tributes, celebrity interviews, releases, leaked footage, tours, books, exhibitions, breaking new records and more.

  • Another Review Of ‘Thriller 25′

    Many reviews have been written about ‘Thriller 25’, the vast majority are really positive, but just look at this one!

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