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  • ‘Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever’ Available In USA

    To celebrate Motown ‘Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever’ which debuted on NBC on May 16 1983 and became an immediate sensation, is now available in US stores!

  • Motown 25 Comes To DVD

    Celebrate Motown with a special deluxe box set, which features Michael’s complete Motown 25 performance and reunion with his brothers on DVD for the first time.

  • Learn How To Moonwalk Infographic

    Fans have spent decades trying to master Michael’s signature move. Now an animated infographic teaches you step by step (literally) how to perform the moonwalk.

  • Moonwalking In The Flood

    A group of friends made light of recent flooding by filming one of them moonwalking through the high flood waters was filmed in the Argentinian city of Neuquen.

  • Moonwalk Like The King Of Pop

    Michael Jackson’s concert-worn loafers are expected to fetch $50,000 when they go on the auction block Dec 7th in Knaisz Auctions’ ‘Rock & Roll Winter’ Auction.

  • The Moonwalker Tribute

    One of kind this Michael Jackson dance tribute Dance On The Globe will take you to various amazing areas of Mount Teide, Tenerife, in the misty Canary Islands.

  • Ohio State Marching Band Moonwalks!

    Each Ohio band member did not however do his individual moonwalk they combined to form one giant moonwalking figure synchronized across the entire playing area.

  • Plaintiff’s Closing Arguments

    Katherine Jackson’s lawyer Brian Panish made his closing arguments to the jury on Tuesday September 24th, using video footage of Michael at home and performing.

  • Macau Sofitel’s Michael Exhibit

    There is a small but precious Michael Jackson exhibition at the Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 with around 40 different artefacts including a white rhinestone glove.

  • Nation’s Favourite Dance Moments

    ITV television in the UK, has recently televised ‘The Nations Favourite Dance Moments,’ which lists the top twenty dance moments, voted for, by their viewers.

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