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  • 3T Pay Tribute To Uncle Michael

    3T paid tribute to their father Tito, and late Uncle Michael Jackson, for helping them to keep going after their mother’s death in episode of ‘The Big Reunion.’

  • More Of TJ’s Testimony

    After Michael died, Grace Rwamba came back to work with the family, TJ Jackson explained. But he said, there was a situation, where sadly, Grace had to move on.

  • Prince’s Cross Examination

    Today’s proceedings began with Prince’s cross-examination. It was difficult for the young man, who answered clearly, and remained calm and poised, on the stand.

  • T.J’s Testimony

    Before T.J’s testimony began lawyer Deborah Chang explained that Paris “is in a ‘tough spot’ and in too much ‘pain’ to testify in her family’s case against AEG.

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