Michael Jackson World Network Fan Club


  • MJ Themed Wedding

    Robert Lindsay has sent us some video clips taken from his MJ themed wedding. They had an MJ performer, the music was obviously MJ and the even the tables too.

  • Michael Jackson Flipbook

    A Michael Jackson fan has created the ultimate MJ flipbook, which shows images of Michael dancing his trademark routines including ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat It’.

  • Michael Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

    We has spoken to a very talented designer called Joe from Southern California. As a hobby he makes detailed sculptures of celebrities, including Michael Jackson.

  • Michael Painted In Nutella

    Who needs a paint palette and brush when you can have a pot of Nutella, a knife and a kitchen floor? That’s what a German fan used to paint a picture of Michael.

  • TV Presenter Is Michael Fan

    In an interview with Janet, TV presenter Sherri Shepherd told Janet that she was her second favourite artist after Michael!

  • Las Vegas Event

    MJSUNIFC (MJ’s United Nation International Fan Club) are organizing an event in Las Vegas to celebrate Michael’s 50th birthday.

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