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  • Jay Z’s Tribute To Michael

    Jay Z made a brief appearance on Instagram before deleting his account a mere 24 hours later. His only post was a picture of him and Michael Jackson from 2001.

  • Birthday Details For Las Vegas

    With only eight days to go until Michael Jackson’s birthday, more detail have been released about how you can celebrate it at Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas.

  • MJ’s Birthday Celebrations

    Michael’s Estate are planning multiple ways to celebrate his forthcoming 57th birthday at the end of the month, kicking of with a meet and greet in Las Vegas.

  • Fan Party For Michael’s Birthday

    For a second year running MJFFC will be hosting the virtual birthday party for Michael Jackson, which allows fans around the world to celebrate together in 2014.

  • Celebration At 2300 Jackson St

    We have received some information from the organisers of a ‘Celebration of Life Block Party’ which will take place on Michael’s birthday at 2300 Jackson St.

  • The Free MJ Birthday Party

    We have another press release from the organisers of the online Michael Jackson Behind The Masquerade Birthday Party which will take place on August 29th 2013fans wanting to attend the party.

  • Elizabeth I Love You Performance

    In 1997 for Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday, Michael performed in front of an audience a beautiful song he wrote for his friend called ‘Elizabeth I Love You.’

  • Michael At Designer’s Birthday Party

    Michael received a rapturous welcome at the 50th birthday party of Christian Audigier, the famous fashion designer, in Los Angeles

  • New York Birthday Tribute

    A celebration to mark Michael’s 50th birthday and ‘Thriller 25’ will be held in New York, USA, on Saturday August 23rd 2008.

  • Las Vegas Event

    MJSUNIFC (MJ’s United Nation International Fan Club) are organizing an event in Las Vegas to celebrate Michael’s 50th birthday.

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