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10 New ‘Thriller 40’ Tracks Coming Soon

On Michaels’ 64th birthday, Sony Music and the Estate of Michael Jackson have released an official press release to give an update on the upcoming “Thriller 40” double album.

They have confirmed that the double CD will be comprised of Michael’s original 1982 masterpiece and an exciting bonus CD of rarities and demos. The titles of the ten bonus tracks will be revealed one at a time, starting after Labor Day (September 5th) with the last track being revealed just before release date, November 18th. Additionally, 15 additional tracks which have been in limited release previously will be available as part of an expanded digital release.

As well as the new release, to celebrate the biggest selling album ever, pop up events and worldwide activations are planned to honor Michael’s epic creation. The new album artwork, which includes a shiny silver cover, now seems to be the dominant artwork being used in marketing materials.

Pre-order your copy of “Thriller 40” today.

Source: PR Newswire & MJWN

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