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HBO Wants A Dismissal

According to a report by Variety online, HBO are seeking a dismissal in the litigation which was brought by the Michael Jackson Estate over ‘Leaving Neverland’.

HBO’s attorney, Theodore Boutrous, told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that their contract with Michael had expired and therefore the case should be dismissed. He argued that HBO’s ‘Live In Bucharest’ had aired once and that neither side had operated as if the contract were still in place.

“In light of the contract as a whole, it would be unreasonable to interpret the non-disparagement sentence, which is collateral to the 1992 Agreement’s principal objective of a one-time-only exhibition of ‘Live in Bucharest,’ to mean that the parties intended for HBO to waive its right to disseminate newsworthy allegations about Mr Jackson for all time on any topic,” said Boutrous.

Michael’s Estate is due to respond on March 30th.

Source: Variety & MJWN

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