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Michael & Me by Michele Cohen

Michael Joseph Jackson – Where do I begin?

MJ first came into my life in the late 70’s when ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ was the disco song that was played almost non-stop in the night clubs!  I guess the magic took hold for me in 1983, when like millions of others, I watched ‘Motown 25’ and the unveiling of the Moonwalk…I was totally smitten from that moment on.  It wasn’t until 1992 that I first saw MJ live at Wembley stadium –  Oh boy what a night that was! I have been so lucky and fortunate to have seen him perform live many times after that day.

It was soon after the ‘Dangerous’ concerts in the UK that I went to a ‘Heal The World’ event. That began my involvement with fan clubs. I felt very honoured to be able to help promote an artist who was a big part of my life and although my contribution was on a very small scale, it allowed me to meet some wonderful people, some of whom are still very good friends.

March 7th, 2001 – MJ Day 10 – This was an amazing day and I was excited to be asked to put together some video clips for an opening montage to be played at the beginning of the event.  I travelled to Adrian Grant’s home and between us, we spent several hours going through hundreds of clips of Michael from every time period. I was lucky enough to be able to include some of my favourites.  I felt quite chuffed when the montage was played and with the audience’s reaction too!  There were some amazing performances throughout the day to celebrate this Tenth Anniversary of the MJ Day and of course it was topped off with Michael attending. He came onto the stage to fantastic welcome from the fans and gave a small speech to everyone saying how much he loved everyone and receiving two awards.  The whole place was buzzing – Why wouldn’t you be buzzing? Having breathed the same air as the man himself!

Thank you MJWN for giving me the opportunities – I have some wonderful memories which will stay with me always.

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