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Promised Theme Park

The news about the plans by the Jackson family to establish a theme park and resort of international standard in Gberefu Island, Badagry, Lagos State, was greeted with appreciation and excitement by the people of the area.

The project involves building a Michael Jackson Memorial Centre, a five-star hotel, an auditorium and a golf course under a group known as the Motherland. Those in search of adventure and are already bored with visiting Badagry and seeing the usual first storey building in Nigeria, the Angia Tree, where the gospel was first preached in Nigeria, the baracoons and the slave relics, thought the Jackson’s park would bring the long overdue interest in tourism, but the project is yet to move forward.

To read the complete article on this from businessdayonline, please click here.

Source: businessdayonlinec & MJWN

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