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The ‘Sonic The Hedgehog,’ game is twenty years old today, and is as popular now as it was all those years ago. What you may not know is, that Sega hired Michael to compose music for the game. In 1993 they dropped the plan because of the allegations against Michael at that time. However, the team carried on without Michael, and parts of his compositions can still be heard.

Tracks from the later released album ‘HIStory,’ (which was composed at the same time as the game,) sound strikingly similar to tracks from the game. For example, music from the Carnival Night Zone in the game is taken directly from the song ‘Jam,’ and the songs that play during the credits sounds very similar to the song, ‘Stranger in Moscow.’

Following Michael’s death in 2009, Brad Buxer, one of his co-writers, told French magazine ‘Black & White,’ that Michael was involved with the music composition of the game, but was unhappy with the final result. He therefore remained un-credited in the final build of the game.

Source: blogs.ocweekly & MJWN

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