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‘Her Captain EO’

Nenet Galang Perena is a journalist for the newspaper Philippine Star and has written her version of Michael’s life through her devotion to ‘Her Captain EO.’

The article revolves around Michael’s 3D film shown exclusively at the Disneyland parks for years from 1986 through to the mid-nineties.

After Michael’s death, a diligent group of fans campaigned for ‘Captain EO’ to return to the parks. They were successful in 2010 when it was returned to all four parks.

She speaks glowingly of Michael’s life as an artist and less so of his private life, but her comments never detract from her admiration of his accomplishments. She also revels in the fact that her three grown-up sons have now seen ‘her Captain EO.’

Please click here to read the full article.

Source: philstar.com & MJWN

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