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Judge’s Decisions On Evidence

Judge Michael Pastor has made judgements on some of the evidence which will be made available to the jury at Conrad Murray’s trial.

He ruled that two photographs of Michael from his autopsy will be shown to the jury. Neither will be graphic. One image will be of Michael fully clothed lying on a gurney and the other will be of Michael’s naked body, but “certain parts,” will be blocked out.

He also ruled that video clips from the “last two days of the rehearsals for the tour will be shown, as it was relevant to Michael’s demeanour. The clip will show him rehearsing ‘The Way You Make Me Feel,’ and ‘Heal The World.’ Murray’s representatives argued that the footage was edited and misleading, while David Walgren, the deputy District Attorney, asserted that the clips showed Michael as “an energetic man who fully intends in participating in the tour,” and “fully intends on living out his life.”

Judge Pastor also ruled that the prosecution could produce testimony from women with whom Murray had “personal and social relationships,” but did not want the jury to hear that Murray had met two of the women in strip clubs.

He then judged against the defense, who wished to discover evidence of Michael’s finances and lawsuits filed against him, as he did not want the trial to be a “salacious analysis of personal financial issues.”

Source: Associated Press, Reuters.com & MJWN

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