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Akon’s Interview

On Monday morning, Akon was interviewed on the United States TV channel, CBS News, about his work in the recording studio with Michael.
He said that it was an opportunity he will never forget.

“Watching MJ work and being part of that creation and give him pointers was an amazing thing ever,” says Akon. Michael was keen to follow Akon’s pointers and would do as directed to make the singles on the album the best, but on the same token, Michael also wanted to try a few items as well.

“If there was something he wanted to do, he would ask politely if he could try this,” shares Akon. Obviously being Michael, the big time celebrity, there wasn’t going to be a disagreement coming from Akon, as they were working together for the perfect album. “The way I look at this album is, it is something he left behind and remembers him for,”
says Akon. “It can’t be compared to his other works.”

The album ‘MICHAEL,’ debuted in December; but fans are still positively raving about the music Akon and Michael put together, before Michael’s untimely death.

Source: examiner.com & MJWN

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