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Vocal Controversy

The controversy about Michael’s voice, on some tracks from his ‘MICHAEL’ album, has been explained by Teddy Riley, one of the album’s producers, to the news agency, Reuters.

Sony, has taken significant steps to certify that, the vocals were in fact Michael’s. Teddy added, that prior to production, some vocals were not quite ready for the finished product, so he had to use technology to make them fit.

“We had to do what we had to do to make … his voice work with the actual music,” Riley told Reuters.

This included, running some of Michael’s vocals through a ‘Melodyne,’ which is a pitch modification tool, similar to ‘Auto-Tune.’

“With the ‘Melodyne,’ we actually move the stuff up, which is the reason why some of the vibrato sounds a little off or… over-processed,” says Riley. “We truly apologize for that happening, but you are still hearing the true Michael Jackson.”

Teddy also explained to Reuters, that Michael,
“Would never consider it being a final vocal; but, because he’s not with us, he cannot give us new vocals.”

Teddy produced, ‘Hollywood Tonight,’ ‘Monster,’ and ‘Breaking News’;  the three songs on ‘MICHAEL,’ which raised the initial questions, about the authenticity of Michael’s vocals. Last week Teddy appeared on
‘Newsbeat,’ which is a show on the United Kingdom BBC television channel.

He said that, “He’s excited, and on board,” for the next one.

Currently, Sony has a contract with Michael’s Estate, to release nine more albums, between now and 2017.

Source: spinnermusic.co.uk & MJWN

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