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Replica Gloves Auctioned For Charity

You have a chance to bid for a replica Michael glove, worn by American footballer Suh, when he danced to ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience.’

This sparkly, sequined glove, is a limited-edition replica, made as part of a charity campaign, tied to the release of the ‘Michael Jackson: The Experience,’ video game for Wii. The game publisher, Ubisoft, worked with Michael’s estate to come up with the campaign, in which celebrities will wear the gloves, and then auction signed versions for charity.

Detroit Lions’ defensive lineman, Ndamukong Suh (known as Suh), is a rather large and complicated man; however, off the field, he’s a gentle giant! He’s soft-spoken and polite and, during Tuesday’s visit to the American Sports television channel, ESPN, was wearing a singular, sequined glove, like Michael used to wear.

Suh’s auction proceeds will go to the Detroit Medical Center.

ESPN is a worldwide, sports television channel; Suh appeared this morning, wearing his replica MJ glove and dancing to ‘Michael Jackson:The Experience,’ with the ESPN cast!

To check out a write up of his visit, please click here.

Here is a video of him dancing!


Shaq O’Neal and Ndamukong’s gloves have been added to the auction today! You can bid on the glove of your choice by clicking here:

Check out Shaq playing “Shaq-A-Claus” here.

Source: MJOnline.com & MJWN

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