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Could Have Saved Michael?

UK tabloid, News Of The World, has reported that Conrad Murray has said that he could have saved Michael’s life if he had the equipment he had previously requested from AEG.

The evidence, which the report claims could save him from jail, emerged in a lawsuit filed by Michael’s father Joseph which states AEG chiefs “acted with reckless disregard for Jackson’s life.”

It claims Murray was ordered to drug Michael and that AEG failed to fulfill its promise to provide resuscitation equipment and a nurse.

In a previous similar claim, AEG replied that the equipment requested by Murray was specifically for his London concerts and his extensive stay in England and not for use in America. AEG also claim that they had not signed any contract with Murray, who will go on trial for Michael’s involuntary manslaughter next year.

Source: newsoftheworld.com & MJWN

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