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Shaq & Michael

Basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal, grew up idolising Michael and the Jackson Five and tried with his family, to emulate Michael’s moves and his look.

Shaq also bought a house in Florida which, he was told, Michael had wanted to buy and was surprised when Michael came to call, to look over the house with Lisa Marie Presley.

When Shaq moved to Los Angeles, Michael invited him to Neverland, where he said he had a wonderful time. As Shaq’s life became more hectic they had less time to meet, but they kept in touch through friends and acquaintances.

When he heard that Michael had died he and his family were devastated saying; Michael was the most amazing performer of my lifetime and, for me personally, an inspiration and a friend.

To read the full article on Shaq and Michael from Newsweek, please click here.

Source: Newsweek & MJWN

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