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In an interview with the press, Kai Chase, Michael’s former chef, has revealed the happy days she spent with the family.

“Those few months were so happy. Mr Jackson was an almost Willy Wonka-style father, with his crazy sense of fun,” Chase says.

She then recalled a prank that Michael played on her along with the children. The children ran into the kitchen and told her; “Your boyfriend is here.” Chase recalls; “I went in and they had dressed one of Mr Jackson’s mannequins. It was so life-like and made me jump so high. Mr Jackson was hiding behind the chair and jumped out, saying, ‘Gotcha!’ He loved practical jokes.”

She also revealed that the children spend hours listening to their father’s many hit songs, their favourite being ‘Remember The Time.’ Paris also spends “endless hours” watching footage of her daddy.

Source: Splash news & MJWN

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