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Christina Sarni Inspired

Christina Sarni cannot hear. She was born with nerve damage to both ears and through her determination has danced her way through to TPain’s world tour.

She has worked at her dancing since she was five years old, when she taught herself to moonwalk watching ‘Thriller’. “I’d be on the table every morning doing the Michael Jackson dance,” Sarni said. “But I would run out of the room every time the wolf part came on.”

When Michael died, Christina went to the Apollo theatre and entertained the crowd with her dancing. She couldn’t hear the applause, but could see the faces of the crowd as they enjoyed her performance.

How could a deaf girl teach herself to dance? Sarni taught her body to communicate with music through drumming. She learned to play the drumbeats she could feel in her body. Later, she could concentrate on drum and bass beats, especially in pop and hip-hop music, and translate them into dance.

“If I can feel the drums, feel the bass, I can hear the music,” she said. “I still have no idea what the lyrics are.”

She has now won a dancejam.com contest, and the prize is her place as a dancer on TPain’s world tour.

Source: exa.gmnews & MJWN

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