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Ambulance Tape Is A Hoax

A London tabloid recently published a tape recording which they alleged was a paramedic reporting to UCLA Medical Center that Michael’s body was being transported there. The Los Angeles Fire Department has however, confirmed that this tape recording is in fact a hoax.  LAFD routinely provide medical assistance on 911 calls.

The audio “has been determined not to be the voice of any member of the Los Angeles Fire Department,” fire spokesman Brian Humphrey said in a written statement on Wednesday.

“The Firefighter/Paramedic who handled communications for that incident has confirmed to LAFD Administration that the voice is not his,” Humphrey said. “The speakers did not use “standard protocol or established practice” followed by professional paramedics when they communicate with hospital staff.”

UCLA Medical Center spokesman Dale Triber Tate added; “There is no way we could authenticate it even if we had patient/estate authorisation, which we do not have.”

Source: CNN & MJWN

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