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Teen Collects Michael Stamps

Mohammed Faizullah has been a Michael fan for quite some time, but the difference between him and other fans, is that he doesn’t try to sing and dance like Michael but collects stamps with Michael’s image from around the world. He traces the stamps on the internet, or obtains them from friends or other collectors. He keeps them properly filed in albums, together with the history of each one.

Mohammed’s school friend said; “In our school, we have a group named ‘Michael Jackson Group’. We have two to three friends, including Faizullah, who are members of this group. Faizullah does different things than what we do. We try to copy Michael Jackson and sing his songs, but he has taken a different path altogether. He collects stamps. He likes Michael Jackson more than us. He calls his collection as ‘In Memory of Michael Jackson.”

Source: Newkerla & MJWN

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