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Bodyguard Tries To Sell Mask

At a weight of twenty-two stone and a height of 6ft 8 ins., Eric Muhammed, or “Big E” and Michael’s children called him, was a trusted bodyguard who was to travel to London with Michael for his concerts. He drove Michael and his children when they went shopping, or to rehearsals, and cared for them on a daily basis.

However, when Michael died he tried to make himself some money and found a black silk face mask with make-up marks in the car he used to drive the family about in. He had seen memorabilia sell for vast amounts of money, so he touted the silk mask around to see if he could get $200,000 for it. A journalist posed as a buyer and the transaction was filmed without Muhammed’s knowledge. He reduced the price to $150,000, (£91,000), and boasted that he would never talk about Michael for money! He spoke of Michael’s death, his suspicion of Dr Murray, and his own relationship with Michael and his children.

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Source: News Of The World & MJWN

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