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Michael’s Memory Honoured

For the last six years the Greenwich Village Annual Halloween Parade has featured a “Thriller’ Dance in honour of Michael. The first year the dancers had no spot in the parade, but turned up to dance with just a boom-box. They became so popular that they were invited to return and last year’s 25th ‘Thriller’ anniversary saw two hundred dancers perform.

Since Michael’s death on June 25th, the numbers have swelled dramatically and emails from ‘Zombie signing up for duty’ have been bombarding ‘Thriller NYC’. For the first time, the numbers have had to be capped. Xiomara Forman, a twenty-two year old Hunter College student, stepped up and created an overflow group to accommodate everyone who wants to pay tribute to Michael in this year’s parade. This second group danced to ‘Beat It’.
Michael impersonator and musician Moses Harper played the part of Michael. A Harlem native, he has been impersonating the King of Pop since she was in high school at Bronx Science and will be one of the ‘Beat It’ Michael’s this Halloween.

“It was devastating to lose him,” says Harper, “but participating in an event where people are really trying to pay tribute to him and not exploit him or make fun of him, that’s a great thing. We just like to give back because he worked for us basically for 45 years, and the least we could do is put on a little show for him.
I hope that everybody who is participating does what the Michael Jackson fans do,” Harper added. “We bring it hard.”

Source: NYdailynews & MJWN

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