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Michael’s Colleagues Comment

In an interview with MTV, Michael’s colleagues on ‘This Is It’ recalled Michael’s drive, determination and professionalism to perfect it.

Music Supervisor Michael Bearden said that they worked up to twenty hours a day on the movie. He said that Michael used his well documented artistic vision and work ethic to make sure every detail was right. Adding that Michael was just hands on with everything he did, Just very passionate. Professionalism is what he was all about.

Michael also wanted to see his iconic video for ‘Thriller’ in 3-D night after night during the show’s run.

Dancer Mischa Hamilton also recalls how jazzed Michael was about his plans for ‘Thriller’. “Seeing him talk about it and how much it meant to him and how excited (he was) that ‘Thriller’ was going to scare a million people, it was so cool to see. I’ve never seen him so excited.”

Robb Wagner, the shows’ film and video producer said of the Michael in relation to the project; “I was called into a meeting with Kenny Ortega, and all of a sudden, I get a sense of buzz in the air. And I see people moving and security coming in to check the room, and I found out the artist was Michael Jackson. Right then, I knew this was for real.”

Source: MTV & MJWN

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