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Akon‘s Work With Michael

Akon loved working with Michael and recorded many songs with him. But, he told MTV in an interview that Michael was never satisfied with the results because he was such a perfectionist.

In the interview he said; “A lot of our memories in the studio is a lot about work, because he was so focused on trying to get the right material out that we didn’t really play around. Like, we talked, but we rarely joked, because at that moment, regardless of what we were doing it’s like, ‘Lets get serious and really do what we came here to do.’ It was all about the melody, ’cause we both were melody guys. Everything started with the melody. We both would hum the melody and try to create the biz around it.”

Akon also explained that Michael would never agree that a song was ready to be released, because of his dedication to perfection and his absolute certainty that they could always do better.

Source: VH1 & MJWN

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